i am electrogasmic, yo, this betch is disco!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

back in KL

im back and kickin! =]

Im happy to be back w my family, who are just as happy to have me home... such good food and weather! Production for the album will proceed, nonetheless. Will also be working on the 'Chumelnya SI DIa' music video soonish.

Gonna hv a laidback weekend... here's me in the airplane loo. =p

Love, Ze.

Monday, September 18, 2006

a month to 24. eek!

Its Sept 18th today which means Ive exactly a month before i turn the older 24. i hate bdays!

... Ive bt 3 days to go here in Belgium before leaving for KL. Wrapping up the 5 songs we've got so far for the next album. And of course, mentally and emotionally preparing myself to leave Ruben, yet again. NOt easy!

This is us in the studio ... =]

love, Ze.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Link me

Here's the new lil e-poster for the new Pink Radio version to my site. Use this to add a link from your webpage!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I love my radio PINK!

Finally Ive got a whole new website dedicated to pink radios around the world. Get busy , check it at

Yum. So whats new? Im currently lovin this cute video by Bob Sinclar - regardless of sm ppl calling it cheesy. Its got 2 girls and a boy strutting out in their cute lil costumes.. adorable! Hv a look.

Im a zombie, cause it almost 11am and I havent had a shuteye.

I did a voice over for a site called KISS YOU BETTER, where you can send anonymous kisses to anyone you admire/love/hate/fantasize. Some of the voices are mine... so hv fun figuring out which ones =p


I am totally lovin' Fergie's LONDON BRIDGE. Here's a vid of her recent live show at the VMAs. Totally kicked ass.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Give me back my sun!

ive been in europe the past 2 months and Im here for another month to work on new tracks for my next CD. Its been a pretty eventful trip and Ruben has produced some awesome beats for 3 of my songs so far. I am trying my best to be patient cause Im dying to release em!

The first single is scheduled to be released early 2007.

At the mo, Im also updating my website... im lovin it so far, itll hopefully be up by sometime next week. The one hint i can give so far is WATCH OUT FOR MY PINK RADIO! ..... and Im also happy to announce that there are 5000 people on my MYSPACE network now, the more the merrier!

Songs Ive been listening to a lot on the radio are Gnarls Barkley's CRAZY (its sticky!) , and SEXYBACK is oh-so-freakin-sexy, im liking the french female rapper DIAMS (or smthing like tht) ,im loving n hating the UNFAITHFUL by Rihanna and hmm.. I'm sorry Beyonce but i find ur Deja Vu video n song utterly busy/tiring/annoying. She's still a hot momma nonetheless.

Prince claims sexy never left, like yeah whatever.

In case you havent of this site already (where hv u been?)... it has come to my rescue at times of utter boredom =]

And... last night I saw MADONNA! Argh! I cant hide my happiness, no no. She totally rocked Amsterdam, and certainly for a woman approaching her 50s.. goddamnit she's more fit than i am.