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Thursday, December 01, 2005

thank you for the fantasy.

Another day to go before the shoot of 'Too Sexy' which is not exactly my first video to shoot - because 'Room for 2' was the first although its yet to be released. I'm excited and nervous at the same time, its gonna be loads of fun - we've got about 10 sexy people featured on it - u'll just have to wait to find out who they are! (it'll b worth it, i promise)

Mr director, Chin Hor from Pick n Roll Creations - along with his friends and mine - are doing a great job thus far in getting the vid become a reality.

December is set to be a busy month - which is a good thing! - hv a good one =]

peace&Love, Ze.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

black eyed please - seriously

I'd like to thank the black eyed peas for proving , once and for all, that we dont really need to put so much effort on the music to wow the crowd. my humps? seriously, how the hell did they come up w that thinking it's even a song to begin with. but hey , it worked. What with the sleek video n all... mtv n radios seem to love playing the lack-of-motive track nonetheless. I've respected their efforts thus far, but this track has left me with something to reckon with.

the no-brainer lyrics that can be written on ur drunk trip back from the nearest bar, below! ;

What you gon' do with all that junk?
All that junk inside your trunk?
I'ma get, get, get, get, you drunk,
Get you love drunk off my hump.
My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump,
My hump, my hump, my hump, my lovely little lumps. (Check it out)

I drive these brothers crazy,
I do it on the daily,
They treat me really nicely,
They buy me all these ice-ys.
Dolce & Gabbana,
Fendi and then Donna
Karan, they be sharin'
All their money got me wearin'
Fly gearrr but I ain't askin,
They say they love my ass 'n,
Seven Jeans, True Religion's,
I say no, but they keep givin'
So I keep on takin'
And no I ain't taken
We can keep on datin'
I keep on demonstrating.

My love, my love, my love, my love
You love my lady lumps,
My hump, my hump, my hump,
My humps they got u,
She's got me spending.
(Oh) Spendin' all your money on me and spending time on me.
She's got me spendin'.
(Oh) Spendin' all your money on me, on me, on me

I met a girl down at the disco.
She said hey, hey, hey yea let's go.
I could be your baby, you can be my honey
Lets spend time not money.
I mix your milk wit my cocoa puff,
Milky, milky cocoa,
Mix your milk with my cocoa puff, milky, milky riiiiiiight.

They say I'm really sexy,
The boys they wanna sex me.
They always standing next to me,
Always dancing next to me,
Tryin' a feel my hump, hump.
Lookin' at my lump, lump.
U can look but you can't touch it,
If u touch it I'ma start some drama,
You don't want no drama,
No, no drama, no, no, no, no drama
So don't pull on my hand boy,
You ain't my man, boy,
I'm just tryn'a dance boy,
And move my hump.

Now that I've gotten THAT outta my system... I've got a good weekend coming ahead! The AYA Awards Night is happening this Sunday the 13th at Summit Hotel Subang Jaya and the winner of the Most Outstanding Youth of the Year Award will be announced > I'm one of em 3 finalists.. yay! Wish me luck (I'll also be performing that night, if u'd like to grab a seat, it's RM60, go here.

SHAMELESS is already on sale at CDBABY and at Tower . In Malaysia, it is now finally on Pan Global's Music Canteen (also being played on their podcast, thanks to Simon from DJ@Work). Will soon be available for digital downloads on iTunes, Napster, Soundbuzz and etc too!

Before I go, please join me drool over my current obsession. hwah!

peace&Love, Miss Radcliffe. =]

Sunday, October 16, 2005

FHM questions my sanity (!?)

and so FHM Magazine reviews my SHAMELESS CD. Here's what writer Suffian has had to say;

"Newcomer Saer Ze does well with this cheeky album full of happy, radio-friendly gaga. From breaks to house, and even a little retro, Saer Ze pretty much bangs out music according to her moods, which, while artistically appealing, may influence you to question her sanity. Nevertheless, it's a good first effort, a little absurd, but all the more interesting because you're going to wonder about what she's going to be up to next. (To listen to when you're feeling shameless? Ha ha.)"

*** 3 stars!

Thank you FHM =]

--Taylor's College - Cultural Beat (oct 15th) party was AWESOME! My sister and I managed to pull off a good 10-minute show, had a lot of fun doing it too. Looking forward to play at another college party soon!

Friday, October 14, 2005

the sky's the limit. really.

how many of us dream, and how many of us live it?
everybody is a dreamer but not everybody wants it bad enough.
we only live once, so why not? what have we got to lose?

i was browsing thru corey clark's site and thought 'his face is a work of art'. haha. ok. u can be the judge, go here
His 'out of control' vid iz-a-nice.. me likey!

ive not been actively writing songs for a while now. where has my creative side gone!?

So i took 3 of the 'Which Desperate Housewife are you?' quizzes I could find.. for obvious reasons. and...Im shocked!

Congratulations! You are Bree Van De Kamp, the
Martha Stewart on steroids, whose family is
about to mutiny.

Which Desperate Housewife are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Take the quiz: "Which desperate housewife are you?"

You are sexy temptress, who usually gets what she wants.

and on ABC's quiz, I'm a Susan!

i think i like being Edie best, she rocks! I'm nowhere Gabrielle, which is good news. Such a bimbo.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sexy Mama's got a baby!

wooh! even I cant handle her hotness. well she's got a baby BOY now and Im turning even more green.

I miss byron, damn.

Oh yeah! My sister and I met up w norman fr KRU n were so STARSTRUCK we forgot to breathe, i swear. haha. and of course, my CD was in his bare hands.. like wow. *sigh*
Next in line, justin timberlake. Oh no no, make that JD - THE new INXS vocalist - hell, yeah! Wow, must be an awesome feeling. And btw, the Rockstar finalists were real natural-born Rockstars themselves; unlike some popstar shows where the popstars are more like flopstars-in-the-making. Heh, sorry but its TRUE.

**ANNOUNCEMENT** Shameless will be in Tower Records by next week, and the promotional campaign 'Wall of the Shameless' will begin scouting for the shameless and shooting you people down soon! so be afraid, be very, very afraid. hee.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

* Posh Friday and Fusion Fever *


It's confirmed and now I get to announce it. I'll be performing at KDU on the 30 of Sept for a college party called 'Fusion Fever' and then off to Charlie's Place for 'Posh Friday' presented by DJ@Work! Get urselves on their guestlist for free at

I was on The star's R.Age interviewing stomp;

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

yay! And on the 1st of October will have a show with a band at a cafe in Damansara which Ill let u know exactly where asap. (more like as soon as i get off this lazy butt)

Adlin Rosli, writer of KLUE and NST emailed me to say he loved the CD and that it's the 'one of the best local releases I've heard this year'. A-hah! he said it. Obviously made my day.

I've just discovered James Blunt today, how so the very the slow I am, I know and I've so fallen in love with his voice! Im getting my hands on as many songs of his as I can and so far i like 'High' the best. If you'v got songs to recommend, hit me with a reply or comment ok. Take care, peace&love *wink*

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Wow, I actually interviwed 2 of the cast members from STOMP today... they're a lot of fun to talk to! In case u dont already know, STOMP is this theatrical show made out of musicians who make music out of tong sampahs, penyapu and even playing cards! I've seen their show on DVD before and its really amazing what they do.

The interview is for The Star's new supplement 'R.age', for colleges and unis around KL and I was invited by Niki to join him at Renaissance today. We had a little 'stomping' session by clapping hands, and it really is that easy (but of course, takes a whole lot more of creative process to make an entire show out of it)

After the interview, gave them my a CD of mine each... which they took a listen to right away next to the pool and loved it!

The story will be out on Monday and thanks to Matt & Warren, I'll b catching their show this Friday with my dad... yay! =]

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Sunday, September 11, 2005

You rocka muh socks! (Shameless Launch @ KL Jam Asia)

I want to thank everybody who made it to the SHAMELESS LAUNCH last thursday, sept 8th at KL Jam Asia. It was good, I had fun, I hope everybody else did too. Worth the exhaustion, for sure ;]

Will be posting the photos up soon...

Special thanks to the crew : Naz, Syida, Goh, Najhan, Nelly, K, Farez and Aimi. My sis, Yasmeen-theosixninechic and of course KL Jam Asia'a Velan, Uncle and the crew (especially for allowing me to work up some graffiti on their huge guitar, and the flowers too!)

---> Family and friends: for your endless support as always. (even my grandma and baby cousin were there... damn!) Thanks for the great night! *mwax*

For Photos (by Hanz) : Click for photos of 'Shameless' Launch @ KL Jam Asia, September 8th 2005


In my time of enjoyment, I was shocked by the news of my parents' close friend who has left us at 12:30am Friday morning. My condolences to the family, he was an amazing musician and singer too and his presence will certainly be missed. May Allah be with him, Insyaallah.


Long ago and oh so far away
I fell in love with you before the second show
Your guitar, it sounds so sweet and clear
But you're not really here
It's just the radio

Don't you remember you told me you loved me baby
You said you'd be coming back this way again baby
Baby, baby, baby, baby, oh, baby, I love you I really do

Loneliness is a such a sad affair
And I can hardly wait to be with you again

What to say to make you come again
Come back to me again
And play your sad guitar

Sunday, September 04, 2005

September 8th is coming close!

I'm looking forward to seeing you guys at the soft launch of 'SHAMELESS'... do bring the positive vibe along w u. My CD is also in the waiting list to be in the Tower Records smtime soon, I'm hoping that goes well.

At a time when we're happily enjoying life, there will always be people on the otherside of the wheel... so lets help out the victims of the Hurricane Katrina. Visit the UNICEF site and read on what you can do to help.

Well until then, have a good day! =]

Monday, August 29, 2005

A Shameless Experience

My debut CD has been completed, and in my hands by August 12th and it really felt like I had just given birth. It was an awesome AWESOME feeling indeed. Working on distribution and all the 'stuff' people dont actually 'see' at the moment, and so far things are going really well. This previous weekend was a bit of a dream... I performed at One utama's rainforest for a Coca Cola/EMI gig alongside Vince and V.E. and to add to that, Mr Anuar Zain actually BOUGHT my album... MY album!? I couldnt stop smiling. =]

Ive printed like 2000 flyers (photocopies la, no money yet) and having to fold every one of them is a bit of a pain in the *** but it's got to be done! As long as the flyers are actually flying, it's going well. Merdeka's coming, a good time to keep em flying.

My soft launch is happening next thursday, sept 8th and I'm looking forward to celebrate the birth of my album with the media and the ppl who have been beside me since the very beginning.

Will see you there (in case I havent sent you the invitation please feel free to email me


Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Ze on the Abbey (newsletter July)

Date : July 10th 2005
Time : 3pm approx
Mission : Accomplished !

>>What in the name of rainbows is she talking about? click on

S a e r Z e - J u l y 2 0 0 5

How has everyone been? I just touched down from Amstrdam yesterday morning and
it was one of hell of a good trip... and tiring, yes!

To begin with,

Live interview on Radio Mol
My ruby got me an interview (thx to his friend, Saape) with DJ Glenn of 'Hitlist
40 show' on Radio Mol in Belgium where I spoke about my debut album Shameless
which will soon be released! The station also played for the very first time my
2nd single, Room for 2 and it will from now on be on their playlist and head on
the charts! If you like, you can visit and here are some

Out of Passion's Reach
The night before leaving for Europe I also headed on to Passion, KL, and checked
out the resident band 'Curtis Blues Review' who won 3rd place at the Blast Off!
competition recently. They called me up for a finale and so we did 'Out of
Reach' by Gabrielle together, here's a photo;

JnR supports Shameless
JnR is a popular music store in Hasselt, Belgium and while I was there I
certainly did not miss out on the opportunity to check the place out... heck,
even Sting and Cypress Hill shops there! They love the Shameless album so much
that they are now keeping my album 'Shameless' on their store's playlist...
wooh... check them out...

alt="Image hosted by">
alt="Image hosted by">
alt="Image hosted by">

Idolize the Ash Kash, Malaysia!
My friend, Ash is now Malaysian Idol's Top 10! WOoh... he damn should be.. so
keep your eyes on him... I also must say that this other guy I met at the Idol,
Kash, also def deserved a spot on the Top 10 so VOTE KASH.. =]
(and no, they did not pay for this advertising space, at least not yet =])

Flava for the Soul
DJ@Work are a bunch of people who are enthusiastic enough about music to be out
there and get the best music out to be heard, so head down to Soul Flava at
Cyberjaya's Tree Haus this July 29th (features SoulVibrations) organised by

Ze and the Lobo Lobo
You know Dragon Red, yes? and Mr Adam Lobo? He turns out to be a pretty
simple-minded guy despite the scary look he puts on everytime somebody shoots
him... with the camera, of course.

While recording for their upcoming album's intro, (yes im on the album!)I made
him answer these simple questions that eventually took him a whole HALF AN HOUR
to complete!

1. How many times do you shower in a day, & why?
Adam: 2 times on weekdays, 3 times on weekends because our country is a
freaking hot country...

2. If you could be a woman for a day, who would you date?
Adam : Me!

3. What colour is your favourite thong?
Adam: I dont wear thongs lar!

4. Are you happy to know that Michael Jackson is now a free man?
Yeap... He was my big idol when I was a kid until he started wearing make-up.
But on a serious note, yeah Im quite glad.

5. Can you lick your elbow?
Adam: According to me producer Nick here, its physically impossible so.. no.
(He tried it anyways =])

6. What has been the weirdest reaction you have seen from your listeners?
Adam: There was this hot chick who asked both me and Slyde to sign her butt

7. What is 285x180x105?
Aiyoo.. I hate maths

8. Are you more like your mom or your dad?
A: Both, my low end vocals from my father and my high end vocals from my

9. How patriotic are you?
A: Well, I can remember the National Anthem.

10. Please draw yourself when you see a SEXY lady...
(will post the EXTRAORDINARY artwork on my site, soon!)

You can visit this macho lobo at, here's me and the lobo lobo
caught in the act! ;

Ze on the Blogspot
Im joining the millions of others on blog addiction and im posting the non-sense
proudly here at

(includes fashion consulting, community service, photos and other things that
goes on in my life.. pretty much)

Wall of the Shameless
In August, a SHAMELESS bunch of my friends and myself will be out and about KL
SHAMELESSly (with our cameras, darling!) so we can shoot and collect as many
SHAMELESS people as possible in the JPEGs holding a copy of the SHAMELESS

These photos at the end of the day will be exhibited at the album launch,
tentatively to be held in October. If you'd like to join in the fun just let me
know and we'll have the shoot goin wherever you may be!

Ze Recommends
LARYN - This guy is as a matter of fact, my ruby, produced my Shameless album
with him simply because he IS an awesome electronic music producer. He comes
from Belgium and thus far has 4 tracks for you to freely download. Ive also
never met anybody who is crazy over Tom Yam as he is, and perhaps the one and
only Belgian who can now make them with his eyes closed!

Here's Laryn in his own words...



I've been in Malaysia for a month and I love the music scene overthere.
So I was really interested to know what you guys think of my songs...

Sixty Three Naughty Combinations
Rising Tide

Full Flavored Nicotine

Indistinct Conversation & Laughter



WENDY IP - This girl's got extraordinary vocals, you can hear that she feels
free when she sings. I dont think I can say much about her but you can load her
tracks from here;

Download the Shameless
The album has yet to be printed , but it is available for online downloads on my
website at USD 4.99 (=RM20 approx, i think?) and if you're from the Europe you
can also get them via SMS for much cheaper! Click on to

The printed, real, tangible CD copies should be out this August at about RM25
(USD 6.99, Euro 5 approx) and will be available on Ebay.

*Half of the year has gone, it's about time to get a kick on our resolutions!
Have a good one...

Peace&Love, Ze.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
W h o i s S a e r Z e ?
>> THEcolourCRAZYwalkingRAINBOW <<

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

to Hasselt and beyond !

Im now in europe, first time ever in my life and its n-i-c-e. Spent a day in amsterdam; red light district being my first impression of europe =] And now am in Hasselt, Belgium and the weather is lovely, I can actually walk out of Ruben's house in a skirt, yay!

Ive also been 'spamming' my flyers just about anywhere possible... i like leaving a little footmark.. and oh! I also went to this super-adorable shop called Spiral Tribe and its so so PINK with fairy stuff and the lady makes them in her shop and she has rad red hair. So nice, i want to live in it.

Will post the photos real soon... when im not too lazy.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Open Minds on Jamtank, do your bit!

*---As posted by Khai Yin on, do your bit!---*

Fellow JamTankers,

In Malaysia, special children have a great need for support. Their educational facilities are basic, and not purpose-built. For example, almost 90% of special education centers are in buildings that do not cater to the needs of a special child.

Open Minds is a charity to raise benefit children with down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy and the mentally and physically challenged. Funds raised will be used to enable a conducive learning environment for special children.

We at has committed to help in the fundraising. To raise funds, we are producing some funky wrist bands.

Price is RM3.50 each. Please email kyaizen at to buy or for more details. Bulk discounts also available.

 Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Miracles do happen.

My father's best friend is in the hospital and not very well. A wonderful father and person he is, and I remember karaoke-ing with the family since I can remember. This is perhaps wishing for a miracle and miracles can happen so I pray for him to stay strong and come back as the man I remember him to be.

However, this hasn't entirely been a bad day. 'Too Sexy' is currently at no. 1 running for the band Evermore's opening act for their tour in Australia. Do vote at

I also got a whole bunch of clothes from my dear friend WULL.. u rock! do more amal kebajikan k, love =]

i'm going to end with a little poem, I'm gonna write at this very moment for my dad's best friend.

In days of fun
In days unbright
We walk a path
We both feel right

A friend in glee
Sometimes we fight
I know we'll be
Good friends for life.


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

TRASHION - Fashion for the Lazy You & Me

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I'mma try my hands on some fashion consultation, but this one's called TRASHION - Fashion for the Lazy You & Me (ie, my sister and I). Hee, we're all just too busy to be sewing! So let's try some 5 second tricks and make your wardrobe come ALIVE... The sequence of this thingie is going backwards for some reason, but it shld b super easy to understand. Have fun! =]

....and walla! you've got a funky hairdo without the hair getting in your way... have a good day =] Posted by Hello

...tie it around the ponytail... Posted by Hello

Trashion #4 Oi! Not another boring ol' ponytail?!! Now, tie one up really high and tight... Posted by Hello

...grab a long beaded necklace.. Posted by Hello

...simply tie it loosely around your wrist and speak your pendant out loud! Posted by Hello

TRASHION # 3 Have you got a long necklace with a cool pendant you want to show off but havent got place to hang around your neck no more?  Posted by Hello

... put them on and now you've got a totally new bohemian skirt! You can also keep on adding as you like and make a longer piece of art =] Posted by Hello them together on both sides, also on the front and back if you've got enough pins Posted by Hello

...and another skirt of different material (that matches the first one) Posted by Hello

...and some safety pins (since we're all very busy) Posted by Hello

Trashion # 2 Look for scrappy old denim skirt that's probably too tight now.. Posted by Hello

... and place it on around your head to make a funky new headband! Make a Lauryn Hill tribute today.. =] Posted by Hello

Trashion #1 GRAB a boob tube of yours that's been lying around doing nothing... Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Preview Shameless

Link Saer Ze to your site! Posted by Hello