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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

world, hold on

year ends are hectic. ive not been busy w shows as i anticipated i wldve been but ive instead been caught up w setting up the boutique w my sister - which is going beyond our expectations thus far. although i must admit im missing the stage =[ hopefully im back out there in no time.

i was at the hitz awards, only to discover tht they actually had an award for malaysian english videos - too sexy wasnt even nominated. i was devastated, to say the least. but of course, im not fr the jakeman's fanclub. its all still clearly driven by men w only hannah tan being the only female nominee being mentioned. where r talents like jasemaine gan and izzy mohammad?

so muse is coming.. in feb? for real?

im certainly happy for pop shuvit , the 5 r actually in the running to b in Rolling Stone Magazine's top 25 myspace bands. Hw unreal is tht? im wishing them the best! you can also help trash the article w ur groupie shout outs on the rolling stone website..

i cant help but talk abt my next album... although its still very far fr being released. Ruben is working on the mixes, n things r looking good. 6 tracks at this point, and im still speaking to producers n musicians fr just abt anywhere who hv got the right chemistry to fit into this project. its gonna b a killer euro-electro party record - i promise u tht!

sigh. ive learnt so much fr releasing tht SHAMELESS cd - money just cldnt buy! ive suffered fr depression even, its crazy when u know too much. picking up the pieces... its better to fight than to sulk. let no mofo bring u down =p w all tht anger i cld prolly put out a gangster rap album or smthing. but im all abt showing some love baby. the world needs it.

ive got lotsa faith. smtimes maybe too much for my own gd. Here's hoping out loud... just like how bob sinclar puts it... WORLD, HOLD ON!

p/s: i hv just dicovered the gorgeousness of tht prison break guy. *yowza* id break into prison for him.

love. =]