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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

to Hasselt and beyond !

Im now in europe, first time ever in my life and its n-i-c-e. Spent a day in amsterdam; red light district being my first impression of europe =] And now am in Hasselt, Belgium and the weather is lovely, I can actually walk out of Ruben's house in a skirt, yay!

Ive also been 'spamming' my flyers just about anywhere possible... i like leaving a little footmark.. and oh! I also went to this super-adorable shop called Spiral Tribe and its so so PINK with fairy stuff and the lady makes them in her shop and she has rad red hair. So nice, i want to live in it.

Will post the photos real soon... when im not too lazy.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Open Minds on Jamtank, do your bit!

*---As posted by Khai Yin on, do your bit!---*

Fellow JamTankers,

In Malaysia, special children have a great need for support. Their educational facilities are basic, and not purpose-built. For example, almost 90% of special education centers are in buildings that do not cater to the needs of a special child.

Open Minds is a charity to raise benefit children with down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy and the mentally and physically challenged. Funds raised will be used to enable a conducive learning environment for special children.

We at has committed to help in the fundraising. To raise funds, we are producing some funky wrist bands.

Price is RM3.50 each. Please email kyaizen at to buy or for more details. Bulk discounts also available.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Miracles do happen.

My father's best friend is in the hospital and not very well. A wonderful father and person he is, and I remember karaoke-ing with the family since I can remember. This is perhaps wishing for a miracle and miracles can happen so I pray for him to stay strong and come back as the man I remember him to be.

However, this hasn't entirely been a bad day. 'Too Sexy' is currently at no. 1 running for the band Evermore's opening act for their tour in Australia. Do vote at

I also got a whole bunch of clothes from my dear friend WULL.. u rock! do more amal kebajikan k, love =]

i'm going to end with a little poem, I'm gonna write at this very moment for my dad's best friend.

In days of fun
In days unbright
We walk a path
We both feel right

A friend in glee
Sometimes we fight
I know we'll be
Good friends for life.


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

TRASHION - Fashion for the Lazy You & Me

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I'mma try my hands on some fashion consultation, but this one's called TRASHION - Fashion for the Lazy You & Me (ie, my sister and I). Hee, we're all just too busy to be sewing! So let's try some 5 second tricks and make your wardrobe come ALIVE... The sequence of this thingie is going backwards for some reason, but it shld b super easy to understand. Have fun! =]

....and walla! you've got a funky hairdo without the hair getting in your way... have a good day =] Posted by Hello

...tie it around the ponytail... Posted by Hello

Trashion #4 Oi! Not another boring ol' ponytail?!! Now, tie one up really high and tight... Posted by Hello

...grab a long beaded necklace.. Posted by Hello

...simply tie it loosely around your wrist and speak your pendant out loud! Posted by Hello

TRASHION # 3 Have you got a long necklace with a cool pendant you want to show off but havent got place to hang around your neck no more?  Posted by Hello

... put them on and now you've got a totally new bohemian skirt! You can also keep on adding as you like and make a longer piece of art =] Posted by Hello them together on both sides, also on the front and back if you've got enough pins Posted by Hello

...and another skirt of different material (that matches the first one) Posted by Hello

...and some safety pins (since we're all very busy) Posted by Hello

Trashion # 2 Look for scrappy old denim skirt that's probably too tight now.. Posted by Hello

... and place it on around your head to make a funky new headband! Make a Lauryn Hill tribute today.. =] Posted by Hello

Trashion #1 GRAB a boob tube of yours that's been lying around doing nothing... Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Preview Shameless

Link Saer Ze to your site! Posted by Hello


Shameless is READY (and on preview)

Wooh! After a yr's production, Shameless is finally ready. It;s now on preview mode, and printing will perhaps begin in August. I'll begin posting lotsa stuff on this blog now onwards... all the nonsense and the no nonsense.

It'll make some sense soon. Promise!

Check out preview on my site,

also add my sister and I , (Catapult: osixnine and Saer Ze) on myspace.
Email is,