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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

a glasto virgin no more

dear diary,

so i went to glasto. SO I WENT TO FUCKIN GLASTO!! WOOH!! the atmosphere was just unbelievable. absolute madness. you cant even really b bothered with the bands anymore cause ur so caught up with the crazy things everybody was up to. i kinda enjoyed the mud - getting stuck in my wellies. very sexy. i managed to catch ROISIN MURPHY(!), lupe fiasco, kings of leon, goldfrapp(!), CANSEI DE SER SEXY(!), MGMT, Batteries, martha wainwright, jimmy cliff, eddy grant, derrick may, system 7, manu chao, bands of horses, fatboy slim, the zutons... ok as far as i can remember. and im happy i missed jay z's sorry 'wonderwall' attempt n was at mgmt/css instead. like wtf. he didnt even bother knowing the words n my ass could hv sung it better. it was the SONG that ppl were cheering to, for goodness sake, not him. any idiot cldve sung tht song and the crowd wldv loved it. and no, this is in no way me against hiphop - im no musical racist - just dont like him in particular. but i was a bit upset abt missing amy winehouse... wldve bn awesome. oh, and how can i forget.. i had fun making em smoothies too! haha

a glasto virgin no more xx

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