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Sunday, March 30, 2008

outkasts rock!

it took me almost 10 years to discover my niche. the long transition from wannabe grunge drummer to hiphop and indie rock chick - all while trying to fit in with everybody else... experimenting and struggling to find my sound proved to be pretty useful now that i've decided (finally!) to stick w one genre.

call it a curse or a blessing, as you wish, but i've always been an outkast. from birth. not gonna lie, there were times i resented it. but i've def grown out of it - in vain - and hell, it certainly is NO curse. thank you, mom, for pointing that out.

i've chosen electro, because unlike other genres, this proves to be the one where us outkasts feel we belong. where being different, quirky, strange, disgusting, heartless, sarcastic, bitchy, fuck-the-world-we-rock attitude is celebrated. These are the things that make us , well , distinctly fashionable. And god damn are we trendsetters or what!? there are no rules. we dont have to stick our boobs out to be sexy. our beats make us sexy. yowza.

i love how electro songs dont always mean what you think they mean. like, it could mean a thousand things. you'll never get it exactly right. like, our love songs - may be real, may be not, may be completely sarcastic, may be dangerous & stalkishly romantic.

we care more than about sex. and drugs. and alcohol. and money. really. we do. plus, our videos are a little more intelligent than big bums and fancy cars. what's best is - we can be 50 and still rock. ala madonna & siouxsie sioux.

gimme gimme gimme!

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