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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sexy Mama's got a baby!

wooh! even I cant handle her hotness. well she's got a baby BOY now and Im turning even more green.

I miss byron, damn.

Oh yeah! My sister and I met up w norman fr KRU n were so STARSTRUCK we forgot to breathe, i swear. haha. and of course, my CD was in his bare hands.. like wow. *sigh*
Next in line, justin timberlake. Oh no no, make that JD - THE new INXS vocalist - hell, yeah! Wow, must be an awesome feeling. And btw, the Rockstar finalists were real natural-born Rockstars themselves; unlike some popstar shows where the popstars are more like flopstars-in-the-making. Heh, sorry but its TRUE.

**ANNOUNCEMENT** Shameless will be in Tower Records by next week, and the promotional campaign 'Wall of the Shameless' will begin scouting for the shameless and shooting you people down soon! so be afraid, be very, very afraid. hee.


Anonymous said...

just to let u know that i'm going to storm into tower recs in klcc first thing in the morning!

06:Dripk said...

Finally. Somewhere I can link to my blog. Lol.

Loving your music. Couldn't find your cd anywhere on any music store's rack in Klang doh. I'll try harder. Haha.

Anonymous said...

I bought the CD from Tower Recs in KLCC, RM22; wheeha - too bad it doesn't come with a free poster :), so you might have to brave the shopping ladies of KLCC for a copy. :)

Anyway, Soba Ni Iru Nara on the cd is different from the Make Believe version - me likey.

Anonymous said...

Were you in Jam Asia today(Friday)?

Ze! said...

yes i was the horrible emcee. hee. about the poster : I can get u one if u like, email me ok? =]