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Sunday, August 24, 2008

which bus are you on?

dear diary,

yes i admit i think too much. its been my thing since i was like, 4 feet tall. but that was a long time ago. (insert laughter here). anyways, being in london has forced me to take buses and trains and loads of walking everyday which is great in comparison to the spoilt lifestyle KL has to offer. like OMG YOU TAKE PUBLIC TRANSPORT AND WALK IN THE HOT SUN????!! GOSH! GASP! SHOCK! FAINT. so in my many days spent waiting for the trains has got me thinking about decisions we make in life. Like, when you're cold and eager to go home you just wanna get in the first train or bus that arrives. And you just wish that it that train or bus ride is yours. And you wish it to arrive quickly. Sometimes they do and sometimes they dont. Of course you can take the first one that arrives, but where will it take you? You can be taken off the pain of waiting and be sat down comfortably and nicely going in a wrong direction. In life, more often than not we want to make decisions quickly and take the first option that comes. Even when you KNOW that you could have better options if you take the pain to wait or work for it and eventually get there. I think I've experienced observing a lot of my peers doing jobs they dont like and hope they will get what they want SOMEday. How the hell do you get to your destination when you're taking a completely wrong route? I cant understand it. I'm just hoping i'm on the right one anyways although it sure feels like a fuckin long way to happy.

which bus are you on? xx


AshHavynn said...

Nothin' wrong with thinking a lot. It's my vice, too, and damn, any other songwriter that's worth their work.

That's some really deep stuff there, though. I've never thought of it that way before, and it's a brilliant metaphor.

Ze! said...

keeps me busy while painfully waiting in the cold sometimes.. :)